Sakla Beni Series Unveils Stellar Cast: Uraz Kaygılaroğlu, Cemre Baysel, and Asude Kalebek Shine in Upcoming Star TV Show


A dazzling new trailer has taken the internet by storm, revealing the much-anticipated Turkish TV series, “Sakla Beni,” which boasts a star-studded cast featuring Uraz Kaygılaroğlu, Cemre Baysel, and Asude Kalebek. Under the directorial finesse of Nadim Güç and a captivating script crafted by Nergis Otluoğlu Akoğlu and Armağan Gülşahin, “Sakla Beni” is set to enrapture audiences. With an ensemble of seasoned actors, including Şenay Gürler, Ceyda Düvenci, Sevinç Erbulak, Nilüfer Açıkalın, Tamer Levent, Nizam Namidar, and Kamil Güler, the show is generating significant buzz. Although the official broadcast date remains under wraps, the series is poised to debut on Star TV shortly.


Sakla Beni: A Glimpse into the Plot

“Mete” (played by Uraz Kaygılaroğlu) and “Naz” (brought to life by Asude Selma Kalebek) hail from privileged and influential families, their lives embellished with luxury and indulgence. Their story commences with a promise made during their childhood, evolving into an inevitable path toward marriage. However, an unexpected twist unfolds when Naz’s lifelong servant, “İncila” (Cemre Baysel), mysteriously enters Mete’s life. This unexpected reunion prompts Mete to reevaluate the choices he’s made thus far. The burning question is: Can this fateful encounter between İncila and Mete alter the course of Naz’s unwavering narrative?


Uraz Kaygılaroğlu: The Man Behind the Character

Born on June 30, 1987, in Istanbul, Uraz Kaygılaroğlu, currently 36 years old and standing tall at 187cm, is a distinguished actor. He holds a degree from Istanbul Bilgi University, majoring in Advertising, and has honed his craft through acting courses at the Müjdat Gezen Art Center. Uraz Kaygılaroğlu’s career boasts a remarkable array of appearances in notable productions, including “Erşan Kuneri,” “Aşk 101,” “Sefirin Kızı,” and “Ege’nin Hamsisi.”


Cemre Baysel: A Rising Star

Cemre Baysel, born on February 5, 1999, in Izmir, is a talented actress of 24 years. She completed her education at Ege University and stands at a height of 166cm, weighing 53kg. Cemre Baysel gained recognition for her role as “Gonca Makasçı” in the TV series “Yeşil Deniz.” Her portfolio also includes appearances in productions such as “Ramo,” “Sol Yanım,” “Elimi Düşünme,” and “Payitaht Abdülhamid.”

Sakla Beni Series Unveils Stellar Cast

Aside Kalebek: A Star in the Making

The enchanting Asude Kalebek, born on June 18, 1999, in Istanbul, is a 24-year-old actress. She holds a degree from Boğaziçi University and received training from the Istanbul Performing Arts Theatre. Asude Kalebek’s claim to fame came through her role as “Raşel” in the Netflix series “Kulup.” With the grace and charisma she brings to the screen, she’s poised to make a lasting mark in the entertainment industry.


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In conclusion, “Sakla Beni” promises to be a captivating addition to the world of Turkish television, featuring an enticing storyline and a star-studded ensemble led by the talented Uraz Kaygılaroğlu, Cemre Baysel and Asude Kalebek. With its intriguing plot and a cast of experienced actors, this series is set to leave a lasting impression on viewers when it graces the screens of Star TV shortly. Also read the summary of SAKLA BENİ Release Date Unveiled.

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